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Interior of Your Home

Please put dogs and cats away along with hoses and trash cans before our arrival. Remove all vehicles from the front of the house and the driveway. If possible park at least 2 houses away. If a car is not yours but you know the owner please ask if they can remove their car. Turn on all waterscapes in the yard including jacuzzis, ponds, and waterfalls. Please remove the ‘for sale’ sign if present (per Real Estate Board Rules)


Turn on all lamps and lights including oven hood, artwork, and cabinet lights. Replace any burned-out bulbs. Remove pet food, bowls, toys, and scratching posts. Conceal all pets. Conceal cords. They are not attractive. Fireplaces are terrific props and should be turned on if possible. If wood fireplaces are in the home, make sure a fire has been lit prior to filming to ensure it is mature in its development. If it is inconvenient to run either gas or wood-burning fireplaces then do not run them. Decorative candles may also be lit. Fully open all blinds and drapes. Physically close windows before our arrival. Open all doors to rooms that will be included in the tour. This will give an open feeling, ensure that no room is missed, and is vital to a Matterport™ tour for free flow movement. Remove excess children’s toys and limit clutter from children. Bedding, pillows, comforters, and bed skirts should be properly aligned. Make sure closets that will be in the tour are organized and straitened, this includes clothes in the hamper.


Clear the kitchen island (if applicable) so the tour shows its spaciousness. Small appliances make counter space disappear. Please remove toasters (ovens and conventional), microwaves, coffeepots, knife blocks, mixers, garbage cans, etc… Clear schedules, menus, children art etc that might be stored on the refrigerator or in the house in general should be removed.


All toilet seats should be closed. Shower/bath/hand and all toiletry items should be placed under the sink for the tour. Make sure the linens are clean and orderly.