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Vendors and estate agents can benefit from using 360 tours, such as Matterport, to sell their properties for several reasons:

1.Enhanced Virtual Viewing Experience: 360 tours provide potential buyers with an immersive and interactive virtual viewing experience. They can virtually navigate through the property, explore each room, and examine details from various angles. This immersive experience can engage buyers and generate greater interest in the property.
2.Convenience and Accessibility: With 360 tours, potential buyers can view a property from anywhere at any time. They can access the virtual tour using their computers, smartphones, or VR headsets, eliminating the need for physical visits. This convenience expands the reach of the property’s exposure, attracting both local and remote buyers.
3.Time and Cost Savings: Virtual tours help streamline the property viewing process by allowing buyers to pre-screen properties remotely. Buyers can narrow down their choices based on the virtual tour and only visit the properties they are genuinely interested in, saving time and reducing unnecessary physical visits. This efficiency benefits both buyers and sellers.
4.Increased Buyer Engagement: High-quality 360 tours can captivate potential buyers and hold their attention for longer periods. By offering an interactive and engaging experience, 360 tours can create a stronger emotional connection with the property, increasing the likelihood of a buyer’s interest and ultimately leading to more inquiries and offers.
5.Competitive Advantage: Incorporating 360 tours into property listings sets vendors and estate agents apart from their competitors. In a crowded market, offering virtual tours demonstrates a commitment to innovative marketing strategies and showcases properties in a more dynamic and appealing way. This differentiation can attract more attention, generate increased inquiries, and potentially lead to faster sales.
6.Showcasing Property Features: 360 tours allow vendors and estate agents to highlight the unique features and selling points of a property effectively. By including detailed annotations, text descriptions, or multimedia elements within the tour, they can draw attention to specific aspects, such as architectural details, high-end finishes, spacious rooms, or beautiful outdoor areas, thereby maximizing the property’s appeal.
7.Extended Reach on Online Platforms: Many real estate websites and listing portals now support the integration of 360 tours. By utilizing this feature, vendors and estate agents can enhance their property listings and attract more views. The eye-catching nature of virtual tours can also lead to increased sharing and referrals, extending the property’s visibility to a broader audience.

360 tours like Matterport provide a valuable tool

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vendors and estate agents to effectively market properties
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create engaging experiences for
potential buyers
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save time and costs